Do-It-Yourself Wills are very common. We say “very” because we are always genuinely surprised people are willing to take the risk of writing a complex legal document when they can get a specialist, to professionally prepare a Will for a reasonable fee.

Wills are one of the best “value for money” services offered by Estate Planning Practitioners. We aim to be entirely transparent about legal costs and will always make it clear to you at the outset.

The fee for preparing a Will pales into insignificance when compared to the substantial legal costs that can arise if an estate is subject to legal challenge.

Inheritance Dispute Specialists are regularly called upon to deal with the fall out that results from a home-made Will going wrong. Not only do the legal costs then eat into the estate, but the family and friends who are left behind to resolve the mess suffer needless upset and grief.

By using our local Estate Planning Practitioners here in the local area, you can take advantage of our invaluable experience. Whatever your circumstances, the chances are that our Practitioners will have encountered a similar situation and will be able to offer solutions to problems or make suggestions that you may not have thought of yourself.

DIY Will packs are freely available in the shops and on the internet and there is no sign of them becoming less popular. Whether this is the right thing for your situation only you can decide. For the reasons explained on this website however we think it is a risky and potentially expensive mistake. The only people we know who are likely to benefit from the enduring popularity of the home-made Will are Inheritance Dispute Specialists!