2 out of 3 adult people don’t have a will!

I know…its surprising, isn’t it!

There are numerous reasons for this…including being unable to make decisions on who to choose as guardians for their children…or not being able to find someone they can trust to manage their affairs…or even that it may somehow hasten their own demise.

Whatever the reason, not making a will guarantees a great amount of heart ache for your loved ones that will need to sort out your affairs after your demise.

9 Reasons you should make a will with us?

  1. If you die without a Will the laws of intestacy come into play. These are a set of rules where the government dictates who you will leave your assets to. By making a Will you can avoid these rules.
  2. Spouses don’t automatically inherit everything from each other without making a Will.
  3. Unmarried couples inherit nothing from each other unless a Will is in place.
  4. Step-children, who you may consider to be part of your family, inherit nothing.
  5. Your children can claim their inheritance as soon as they are 18 which you may feel is too young to take on such financial responsibility.
  6. If you have children under 18, you need to make a Will to appoint guardians to look after them if you are no longer around. Without appointed guardians, a court may decide where your children live and Social Services may take children into their care in the meantime.
  7. To protect your assets no matter what happens to your spouse or partner after you have gone – for example, if your spouse or partner remarries or goes into long-term care, your children’s inheritance may be all but lost. This is where Estate Planning is crucial!
  8. To make gifts to charities or individuals, such as other family members, who are important to you.People will remember you for this long after you have gone, and it also helps to keep heirlooms in the family.
  9. If you own a business it can cause enormous difficulties if you die without a Will. This can lead to your family receiving less for the business if it is sold and can cause unnecessary hardship for employees.

Common sense tells us that we need a Will, but why is it so important?

Making a Will is the only way you can be sure what will happen to your property and possessions after your death!